Sirai House defines ambiance

There are very few places that make us take an involuntary breath as we look in awe at them.

Sirai House is one of them.  The details are exquisite and it is obvious that the interior decorator took the time to put together a look that says earthy but elegant; raw but refined.

Everything has been well-thought out, with the setting designed to give you a sort of primal feel within the surrounding luxury.  Located at the foot of Mount Kenya, they have several options to help make your stay enjoyable.  Try your hand at billiards, swim in their pool, indulge at the bar, read in the library, socialize in the drawing room, or edify yourself with a trip to the gallery for a view of art and sculpture.

Outdoors they have wonderful gardens to walk, or  you could explore a little further on horseback.

To learn more about Sirai House visit their official website.