Adele Dejak – When elegance isn’t enough

Adele Dejak is all about tribal chic (with emphasis on tribal chic).  Her designs are cutting edge, elegant, sexy, tribal, primal and everything you could want in each piece.

Each of her pieces has a pulse of its own.  Her materials range from metals to bone, fur to leather.  Dejak has been designing since 2005 and has been featured in Elle Magazine, Vogue Italia, Zen Magazine,  Shelamu, Voyage Vixens, Couture Africa Mag, Atelier Fifty-Five, and more.

Passionate about using only African materials, she sources her materials from Africa and assembles all her pieces in Kiambu.  Although she started off with jewelry, she has now branched out into handbags, belts and sandals.

To keep up with her fashion-forward items, visit her official website, or follow her on TumblrFacebookPinterest, Twitter, or Instagram.