Castle Forest Lodge – Fresh Air and Stunning Views

Castle Forest Lodge is a jewel nestled in lush, green forest.

Located on the slopes of Mount Kenya, it offers an opportunity to hike, bike,  ride a horse, go mountain climbing, go bird watching, or just kick back and relax while you watch the various wildlife wander through.  The views from the veranda are stunning and you can enjoy a meal as you watch the wildlife wandering around in their natural habitat.

The rooms are elegantly simple, with lots of wood.  If you want a more ‘authentic’ feel of roughing it (as much as one can with all the conveniences of the modern world), you can stay at their Bush Hut which is reachable via a forest track, a 2 hour walk, or on horseback.  It is one room with a large fire place, a small kitchen and a collapsible double bed.   There is hot water for the shower if the fireplace is on (curiosity about this should be enough incentive to visit), and there is someone available to take care of the cooking and horse grooming (positively colonial, I dare say).

Need more incentive to visit?  Well, Queen Elizabeth and President Jomo Kenyatta have both been there so you would be in good company.  For more information, visit their official website or become a fan on Facebook.