South Island National Park is Ashy

South Island National Park is a hidden treasure on Lake Turkana in Northern Kenya that is covered end-to-end in volcanic ash. 

Not always talked about, it silently harbors a unique beauty that is seldom seen anywhere else in the world.  This is also the place where several European migrant birds stop-over on their way back home.   Overall there are 350 recorded species of birds and 60 recorded species of fish (including the puffer fish which is normally found in seawater).

South Island National Park is also home to the largest concentration of nile crocodiles with a large number of hippos and bats.

It is an extremely hot, arid area, so probably not for the faint of heart, but the scenery is breathtaking and worth the discomfort.  There are several camping options, and opportunities to go fishing, gamewatching, or birdwatching.

One can learn more about this fascinating park on the official website.