Kiran Jethwa brings Tales from the Bush Larder

Proudly Kenyan, he highlights Kenyan food and Kenyan traditions and cooking styles on his show, ‘Tales from the Bush Larder‘, which airs on National Geographic and can now be seen on Fox.  He is the Executive Producer and co-produces with Zuku. Zuku signed an international licensing deal with Fox International Channels for the global distribution of the series.

He worked in kitchens in Britain, Ireland and the U.S. — including as head chef at Dublin’s trendy The Schoolhouse restaurant — before returning to his native Kenya to take over the family’s leather business. His restaurant, Seven Seafood  and Grill, is known for it’s great fish dishes.

He also co-founded The Good Food Company with three other people (Esmeralda De Souza and Spencer Foundamiere  of Spez; and Nawaz Meghji, partner at Seven Seafood and Grill).  The Good Food Company produces 200 meals a day and has a monthly turnover of Sh2 million.

In November 2015 he debuted his latest television series, ‘The Fearless Chef’, which has him gallivanting around the world, showcasing extreme methods of harvesting, and the unique ingredients those harvests provide.  The 10-series show will air on Fox International Channels’ platforms, including Nat Geo People.

To learn more about him, visit his official website or become a fan on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.