Brew Bistro and Lounge – distilled elegance

Picture yourself surrounded by beautiful steel architecture, ultra-modern decor, knowledgeable servers, and bartenders who can make just about anything that you name.  The Brew Bistro and Lounge is that place.

It is also the place to be if you love craft-brewed beers.   The Brew Bistro and Lounge is a micro-brewery owned by the Big Five Breweries Company, a company dedicated to providing an experience through everything they have to offer.  From the ambiance to the beer, the food to the service, the focus is on excellence.  Avail yourself of the Chef’s Table where you will be treated to exclusive fine dining that is artistically prepared and dramatically presented.

The Brew Master,  Mr. Aleem Ladak, holds a Bachelors degree in Food Science and a Masters in Brewing and distilling institutes in Germany (VLB), with extensive work experience in some of the leading brewing companies of the world.  He currently has five micro-brews on tap – Temstout, Chiukolsch, Kifabock, Simpils and Nyatipa – and several seasonal ones.

They recently launched Enkare (Maasai name for ‘cool water‘) which is a barrel-aged beer blend with Jameson International. Tasting Notes: A smooth, full bodied beer; with notes of caramel and a slight hint of vanilla and oak. The color is Golden Amber; which reflects the hues of Jameson Irish Whiskey perfectly. Learn more about this and the location on the official website.