Capital Club East Africa – exclusively yours

Well, the title might be a tad bit misleading, but it is accurate if you look at specifically.

Still confused? The website states that, “With a commitment to exclusivity, Capital Club East Africa is a Membership-based institution with sister clubs in Dubai and Bahrain, all managed by Signature Clubs International. Capital Club is quickly establishing itself as the most prestigious business club in East Africa.”  It just means that the only way to get in here, is by invitation.

But, if you do happen to get invited to membership, prepare to be drenched in the feel of old money, generational power hierarchies, and elegant ambiance.  The Board of Governors include Bob Collymore, Safaricom’s CEO; Hadeel Ibrahim (daughter of Dr Mohammed ‘Mo’ Ibrahim, entrepreneur and billionaire); and Robert Devereux (Founder of Soho House Clubs in London and Richard Branson’s brother in law)

Sit a while at the bar and trade business ideas with fellow business people, get involved with the special interest clubs, indulge in cigars, or share a meal with like-minded people.  For more information visit the official website.