Bankslave – Taking Graffiti to New Artistic Heights

Bankslave, has been a graffiti artist/aerosol artist since 2000.  His inspiration comes from the people and the things around him.  When he originally started, it was all about the fame and fortune, but as he has matured, his focus has turned towards making a difference with his art.  He has used his art to put up socially conscious pieces that make people pause and think.  He has been featured on The Guardian, and Voice Of America (VOA).

Not your regular graffiti artist, Bankslave is particular not to deface churches or religious buildings, banks or other illegal spaces.  His graffiti is placed on legal spaces.  An artist with the mind of a businessman, he is creating a Bankslave brand that markets books, photos, fashion, and more.  He has held several workshops that are extremely popular with audiences that range from business people to young children in schools.

As he shares his love of art with others, he creates a new generation of people that see art as a medium of self-expression, and a new voice that connects visually with it’s audience.  To learn more about Bankslave, visit his website and his Facebook page.