The Shifteye Studios

Entrance to the art exhibitions is free. Shifteye has been used for fashion events, film screenings, music events, and more.  If you need a unique venue for your corporate events, or want a great place to hold a cocktail or dinner party, then Shifteye Studios is your place.

Several artisits have used it for their video and photo shoots, and it has filled a void for a professional space that showcases artwork, and allows for artistic creativity at an affordable price.

Owner Zachary Saitoti mentions in an interview with Acid Pen, that, “It is really hard for an artist to make money– the cost of putting up a showcase or exhibition drives most artist to increase their prices to cover for the expense of the space, which is a surefire way to NOT sell your work. The Shifteye gallery doesn’t take commission. There’s a thin line between profiting from the art or from the artists. This is an important way artist collaborate apart from ideas and styles and creative workshops and hubs.

To learn more about Shifteye Studios, or make a booking, visit the official website, or follow them on FacebookTumblr or Twitter.